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Hi everyone!

My name is Anna, and I have been a voice teacher and coach since 2013. I have been a classically trained singer since 2007, and most enjoy heavy metal, opera, and voice acting. My methods focus on building/retraining fundamental vocal concepts that can be applied to a wide variety of musical genres and social situations. I offer online voice lessons/coaching for the following areas: singing (both classical and other genres), voice acting, public speaking, and voice feminization or masculinization for members of the transgender community. I’m ready to help you reach whichever goals you put your mind to. Get in touch today so we can start working together!

Ich spreche auch Deutsch! Lass uns zusammen arbeiten, damit Sie mit deiner Stimme zufrieden sind! Die wahre Stimme fur das wahre Ich!



For anyone and everyone!

We work with clients to improve their singing, voice acting, presentation skills, or to change the voice as a part of confirming their gender identity. Sessions include vocal exercises, work on posture and breathing, and going through songs or mock scenarios.


From classical to rock

Whether you're looking to start your young child's early music education, play a Beethoven sonata, or rock out playing Elton John, our teachers offer piano lessons from beginner to advanced


Guidance for voice teachers

Even the best of teachers need professional advice sometimes. Whether it's a unique voice type, your first experience teaching a transgender student, or learning to teach an unfamiliar vocal style, Anna is here to help you grow professionally!



Call: (210) 883-4093


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Lecture on Voice Training

Presentation given by Anna of TruVoice Lessons LLC on working effectively with transgender students on voice training. This presentation was given at the University of Texas for the National Association for the Teachers of Singing.

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"Thank you Anna for your help with my voice. Until I started working with you, I wasn't sure if I would ever find my girl voice, and singing voice. I am really happy and surprised at how quickly my voice is improving as a result of your coaching. Wow, it looks like I have a "head voice" after all !"

                                                                                                                                                          - Tara B.

"This Woman is Excellent at voice lessons. After only 1 lesson, I'm more skilled at projecting my voice, and believe that being a tenor instead of an alto is within reach!"


                                                                                                                      - Gabe A.