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Hello, and welcome to our site! We are TruVoice Lessons LLC, a voice and music lessons company that seeks to help you Unlock Your TruVoice! We have instructors in San Antonio TX, Vancouver WA, and Portland OR. For those not near one of our instructors, we offer online sessions using Zoom (zoom.us).

To schedule a session, click on the Book Now tab! From there you can either fill out the Sign Up form if you haven't been here before, or click Log In and enter your login information from there. You can then select whichever instructor you'd like, choose from the days and times you have available, and then get ready to Unlock Your TruVoice!

  • Voice Lessons

    • Singing lessons

      • Opera/classical

      • Choir

      • Rock

      • Metal screaming

      • Musical Theater

      • R&B

      • Pop

      • Blues

      • Jazz

      • Rap

      • Gospel

      • Christian Contemporary

    • Transgender Voice Training

      • Voice feminization

      • Voice lowering

      • Androgynous voice

      • All genders welcome!

    • Voice Acting

    • Public Speaking

    • Accent reduction

  • Piano Lessons

    • Classical

    • Pop

    • Jazz

    • Song learning strategies

    • Basic Music Theory

  • Guitar

    • Acoustic - 6 or 12 string

    • Electric (rhythm or lead)

    • Bass

    • Ukulele

    • Hard rock/metal

    • Country/Folk

    • Pop/Rock

    • Blues/R&B

    • Classic Rock

    • Christian Contemporary

    • Gospel

  • Voice teacher training

    • Improve teaching skills

    • Working with transgender students

Lessons We Provide


  1. Click the Book Now tab

  2. Log in if you've been here before, or sign up if it's your first time

  3. Choose a time/day with the instructor you wish to work with - if you navigate elsewhere, simply click the Book Now tab again

  4. Unlock Your TruVoice!

Voice Training Samples

Voice Feminization
Voice Masculinization


"Thank you Anna for your help with my voice. Until I started working with you, I wasn't sure if I would ever find my girl voice, and singing voice. I am really happy and surprised at how quickly my voice is improving as a result of your coaching. Wow, it looks like I have a "head voice" after all !"

                                                                                                                                                          - Tara B.

"This Woman is Excellent at voice lessons. After only 1 lesson, I'm more skilled at projecting my voice, and believe that being a tenor instead of an alto is within reach!"


                                                                                                                      - Gabe A.

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