Anna Lantry

Anna Lantry is a singer and transgender voice coach based in San Antonio, TX. Since 2013, she has offered voice instruction to clients all over the world in these types of lessons:
Transgender Voice Coaching (voice feminization or masculinization)
Singing (classical and contemporary),
Voice Acting,
Public Speaking,
Metal Screaming.


Ms. Lantry works with transgender clients who seek to retrain their speaking and singing voice to a sound that is consistent with their gender identity. She helps people maintain the uniqueness of a their voice quality, dialect, and primary spoken language.

    Ms. Lantry has sung classically in operas, musicals, and choirs since 2007. She first sang as a tenor, then as a baritone, and now as a soprano. Ms. Lantry has studied classical singing with Dr. Diana Allan and Dr. Stephen Austin. Furthermore, Ms. Lantry has also studied transgender voice coaching with Liz Jackson of The Voice Lab and has taken courses from world-renowned Speech Language Pathologist Kathe Perez.  Ms. Lantry has also become versed in other disciplines related to her voice coaching career, including studying Alexander Technique with Theresa Ford, respiratory therapy for singers with Dietland Jacobi, and German with Professor Silke Schade. 

Ms. Lantry earned a Bachelors in Voice Performance from the University of Texas at San Antonio in 2015, and a Graduate Certificate in Public Health from The George Washington University in 2018. 

    Ms. Lantry brings to the LGBT community and classical singing world a combination of personal and professional experience, seeking to help all those who work with her to Unlock Their True Voice.

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