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What is the cost for lessons?

Below is the cost for lessons with each instructor. Prices are listed for 30 minutes/60 minutes:

Shazi (voice) - $30/$50

Adrian (voice, piano) - $45/$65

Anna (voice) - $55/$85

Nicholas (guitar) - $30/$50

Valerie (drums) - $30/$50


How does voice training work?

Voice training works much in the same way that training as an athlete works – through working with an instructor, you are learning new habits, skills, and exercises that will allow you to strengthen the right muscles and prevent straining your voice. Over time, this leads to specializing the voice to sound a certain way or perform a certain skill the way you want – sounding more feminine, making your voice deeper, singing high notes with ease, etc.


How do sessions work, and how often do you recommend doing sessions?

Sessions are either 30 or 60 minutes long. They are a combination of exercises with scenarios/music. The idea is to improve your technique while actively putting your new technique into practice in situations where you need it. Instructors design plan your sessions based on your needs and their observations. 

We recommend sessions once a week; through years of experience, we have found that this is the best balance between having enough time to practice what you learned and meeting often enough that you’re constantly making your best progress.

We recommend 30-minute sessions for children, 60-minute sessions for adults. 


I'm interested in pursuing a voice-related career. What are the possibilities, and how can I get started?

There are many ways to have a career as a professional voice user! There's singing opera professionally, becoming a recording artist, public speaking, acting, voice overs, and many other paths! For those that are wanting to get started with a voice-related career, voice overs are a great way to get used to auditioning and gain some practical experience. We are partnered with Voices.com, a platform that you can join and start auditioning for voice over gigs immediately! They also offer the option of  a professional account that offers many more opportunities. It's easy to upgrade, and you can  use promo code TRUVOICE to get $100 off an upgraded membership for an entire year!

I'm transgender, and I'm wanting to train my voice. How long will it take for my voice to sound more feminine/masculine?

There are many factors that will affect how much your voice can change and how long it will take. Factors include how much a client practices, frequency of sessions, age, starting pitch/quality of the voice, lifestyle habits, and health history. On average, clients seeking to change the voice as part of their transition will achieve significant results in 3-6 months, if they are taking frequent lessons and practicing daily. Disclaimer: results are NOT guaranteed; best results will come from recording/reviewing lessons, practicing daily, and putting instructor suggestions into practice as often as possible in your daily speech.


Do you accept insurance?

We do not accept insurance at this time; however, we have had clients successfully use HSA/FSA accounts to pay for sessions, and or receive insurance company reimbursement for session fees. Clients can be provided with session reports if records are necessary to seek coverage/reimbursement.

If you are want to see if your insurance will cover/reimburse sessions with us, call your insurance company and ask them if they cover a vocal evaluation (CPT Code 92506) and vocal training sessions (ICD-10 Codes R49-R49.9) for voice and resonance disorders when the provider is out-of-network. If they will, ask what you need to provide to receive coverage/reimbursement. If you will be doing online sessions, make sure to ask about that as well. Disclaimer: We are NOT healthcare professionals; we are voice instructors/teachers. None of our instructors possess any healthcare licenses that some insurance companies may require.