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TruVoice Lessons LLC employs a diverse staff of voice and music instructors to help you master your musical and or speaking goals. Whatever your needs, we are here to help you Unlock Your TruVoice!

Shazi is a voice coach and singer based in San Antonio, TX. She offers both singing lessons and transgender voice training, and regularly performs and records her own music.

Singing Lessons, Transgender Voice Training

Shazi Jones (she/her) (San Antonio, TX 78240)

Holly is a voice coach based in Seattle WA. Her main focus is transgender voice training, which she teaches from a place of personal and professional experience. She draws from this to help her clients understand what makes a sound masculine, feminine, or androgynous in our society and how to achieve that sound, and approaches voice training with the goal of giving other trans and gender nonconforming people the confidence to be their true selves and discover new ways to outwardly express themselves to the world.

Transgender Voice Training

Holly Jokerst (she/her) (Seattle, WA 98105)

Holly is a transgender voice coach based in New Orleans LA. In addition to her background in voice, Valerie also holds a degree in Psychology, and uses this background to work on nonverbal communication and psychological barriers to using your TruVoice in your daily life!

Transgender Voice Training

Valerie Brooks (she/her) (Slidell, LA 70458

Zelos Marchandt is a professional singer, voice/piano teacher, and dance performer based in the Portland OR area. Since 2012 they have worked with transgender and queer students seeking a variety of voice, music, and dance-related goals.

Singing Lessons, Transgender Voice Training, Rock/Metal Screaming, Piano Lessons

Zelos Marchandt (he/him or they/them) (Beaverton, OR 97078)

Offers sessions for singing, transgender voice training, metal screaming. Voice coach since 2013.

Singing Lessons, Transgender Voice Training, Metal Screaming, Voice Teacher Training

Anna Lantry (she/her) (Head Instructor) (Vancouver, WA 98661)

Dr. Samantha Serrano Bassig is a performer and Professor of Voice based in San Antonio, TX. She offers transgender voice training and singing instruction (classical and contemporary)

Singing Lessons, Transgender Voice Training

Dr. Samantha Serrano Bassig (she/her)(San Antonio, TX 78240)

Christi Brekke is a voice, guitar, and piano teacher with many years experience teaching choirs, private students, and English classes.

Transgender Voice Training, Piano Lessons, Guitar Lessons

Christi Brekke (she/her) (Kingsville, TX 78363)

Lily Grace is a voice instructor in Corvallis OR that specializes in transgender voice training. Lilly's instruction is informed by 4 years of voice over experience and years of lived experience with feminizing her own voice.

Transgender Voice Training

Lily Grace (she/her) (Corvallis, OR 97333)

Adrian Soliz is a recent graduate from UTSA (Bachelor of Arts in Music) who has been teaching in the San Antonio area for 3 years He has taught all levels of singers, from 6 years old to adults, and many different genres of music. His students have gone out to receive roles in the community theaters and have also won various choral competitions at the regional level.

Singing Lessons, Transgender Voice Training, Rock Singing, Piano Lessons

Adrian Soliz (he/him) (San Antonio, TX 78248)
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