Anson Brown, MM (he/him/his)

Trans Voice, Guitar, Lute

Anson Brown started his musical career at Fresno City College where he studied with

David Schramm and Dr. Kevin Cooper where he studied classical guitar and started to

develop a fondness for historical music. At the University of California, Irvine, he

studied the lute and historically informed guitar performance under John Schneiderman.

At Irvine, he earned both his Bachelors of Music and his Masters of Fine Arts degrees in

2013 and 2015.

He specializes in performance on the guitar and the lute. He also specializes in basso

continuo and historical accompaniment from the 16th-17th century. He has extensive

knowledge of music theory in modal counterpoint, tonal music, and 20th century music.

He also believes that music should be used as a form of communication and outreach

to the community. He has performed for charities, group homes, scholarship

fundraisers, taught after school programs for underserved communities in Saint Louis.

Anson has always thrived in any and all musical communities and strides to help others

do the same.

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