Charlotte Abbott (she/her/hers)

Trans Voice

Charlotte is a trans voice coach located in Atlanta, Ga. To Charlotte, your voice can be as much a part of your identity as any other defining trait, and being able to find that voice can be paramount to a comfortable life for many transgender individuals. She understands that being in control of your voice can mean many different things to different people. It can mean safety. It can mean fitting in. It can mean easing dysphoria. It could just be for fun. Whatever motivates you to find your TruVoice, she is dedicated to helping you every step of the way.

Growing up in a classic conservative southern town, she learned at a young age that life can be a struggle when you're different. Fear of social rejection and hardship forced Charlotte to wait until she was 28 to come out to the world, casting fear away and developing a strong desire to help others find comfort in who they are as an individual and learn to love themselves more. Her dream is to go to school to become a therapist so she can further support her LGBT+ family and community.

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