Holly Jokerst (she/her) (Seattle, WA 98105)

Transgender Voice Training

Holly is a transgender voice instructor living in Seattle, WA.  After  questioning and experimenting with her gender for several years, she  came out to herself as a transgender woman in early 2020 and started HRT  in March 2020.  She began diving into training her voice around the  same time, and after a month of lessons through the TruVoice program she  was confident with her own female voice and realized her vocal talent.

Holly  has a passion for music spanning the past two decades and has been  playing one or more instruments throughout that time, and she loves to  sing at all times and places.  She has a Bachelor’s degree in Audio  Production and has taken courses in vocal performance, voice acting, and  private lessons for multiple instruments.  She draws from this  knowledge base to form her understanding of what makes a voice sound  masculine, feminine, or androgynous in our society and how to achieve  that sound, and approaches voice training with the goal of giving other  trans and gender nonconforming people the confidence to be their true  selves and discover new ways to outwardly express themselves to the  world.

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