Nicholas Brannen, BM (ze/zir/zirs)

Trans Voice, Piano

You have an equal chance to find Nic Brannen with camera in hand or at a painter’s studio as you find zir in a practice room. Even though ze has been learning to play piano since zir childhood in Cincinnati, Ohio, Nic’s work often is about finding the beauty in zir subject matter through any means. Nic has been trained as a Jazz Performer-Composer at Cornish College of the Arts.

Nic learned that it doesn’t matter what kind of music you want to perform, it is about understanding the context and history behind the music/art you are performing. Whether your thing is French harpsichord pieces or jazz arrangements of Queen, part of the joy of that music is the people and the cultures that fueled that music. There are thousands of ways to interpret a song and yet ze often finds that a student’s personal expression is pushed behind technique. But why is this often rejected in music lessons? Why don't we put the student before the music in our lessons. It is the job of the music teacher to foster a love and passion for music and we never should lose sight of that goal.

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