Valerie Brooks (she/her) (Slidell, LA 70458

Transgender Voice Training

Valerie Fiadh Brooks is a transgender voice coach based in New Orleans, LA.

Valerie offers instruction in voice feminization.

Valerie came out to herself in Jan 2018, began voice training in March, and had a passing voice by June. She started HRT on July 25th and has since been striving to improve the lives of her trans brothers and sisters in whatever way she can.

Valerie has a Bachelor's in Psychology (2014) and a passion for all things human; anatomy, physiology, psychology, counseling and therapy. But her true passion is in educating fellow transgender people.

Valerie takes a relaxed, friendly approach that centers around speech and social interactions, discussing subconscious expectations of listeners, body language, and facial expressions. She is especially interested in understanding perception and how to present the person we are inside.

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