Transgender Voice Training

Discover Your Voice With Our Transgender Voice Training

The voice you speak with today might not be the voice you hear when you think about who you are.

For many transgender people, their current voices are a source of dysphoria and anxiety. When your speaking voice doesn’t align with societal expectations of gender, you can experience anything ranging from shyness in social situations to depression.

Our trans vocal training aims to help you achieve the voice you were meant to speak with. Your speaking voice is a habit you’ve acquired over your lifetime. Just like any other habit, this can be changed with dedication, hard work, and help from a professional vocal coach.

When you sign up for our transgender voice training, you will get to work with an experienced voice coach who will help you discover your true voice. We can help transgender individuals work through androgyny vocal lessons, voice feminization, and voice lowering for people who want a more masculine voice.

Many of our expert voice coaches are members of the LGBT community. Their dedication to helping you discover your voice comes from more than just their profession, it comes from a place of honest support and caring.

Keep reading to learn more about our voice training or get in touch with us today to schedule your lessons!

The Voice Feminization You’ve Been Looking for

We offer voice feminization lessons for people looking to achieve a more feminine sounding voice.

These lessons will help you with every aspect of developing a female-sounding voice.

Your speaking voice is more than just pitch. Resonance, intonation, articulation, and even speech mannerisms and vocabulary enter into the equation.

Our coaches are here to help you discover the voice you were meant to speak with. Voice feminization can help you better match your voice to your identity.

If you have been wanting to discover the feminine voice that lives inside you, get in touch with our vocal coaches today. We can help you reshape how you use your voice so that every aspect of your identity reflects who you are.

Our Voice Lowering Lessons

Voice lowering is a great option for trans masculine individuals who are looking to align their speaking voice with their identity.

If your voice is too high-pitched, presents as too feminine, or could better match who you are by being lower, our vocal coaches can help you achieve these goals.

Lowering your voice is about more than just trying to speak in a bass or baritone voice. Our coaches can help you re-learn how to use the muscles in your mouth, speak with a bass-driven voice, and use more masculine intonation and articulations in your daily speech.

If you have been looking for a vocal coach that can help you discover a more masculine voice, get in touch with us today.

Androgyny Vocal Lessons for You

Our androgyny vocal lessons are ideal for trans individuals that are searching for a voice somewhere in between or beyond conventional vocal gender expression.

These lessons help our non-binary friends discover a vocal presentation that reflects their identity. Our voice coaches can teach you how to naturally speak in those mid-level pitches that can be hard to master on your own.

We can also help you explore innovations, articulations, and speech patterns that better reflect your gender identity.

If you are ready to get the voice training you need, reach out to us today. Our expert vocal coaches are ready to help you discover your voice.

How Our Trans Vocal Training Works

Our trans vocal training can help you match your voice to your identity.

Our process utilizes either in-person or online instruction and lessons are either 30 or 60 minutes in length.

Many of our clients have seen life-changing results in as little as 3 to 6 months. In order to get the most out of your voice training, you should follow the exercises suggested by your coach, practice regularly, and attend sessions regularly. Other factors can influence how quickly your voice training progresses including health, age, starting pitch, and other environmental factors.

Right now, it might seem like your voice doesn't match who you are, but with a little help from our coaches and some practice, you will be speaking with your true voice in no time.

To find out more about our transgender voice training, connect with us today. We have experienced voice coaches ready to help you discover your voice.

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